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Wave goodbye to the boring, low-yield fundraisers that everybody is doing. Say a lip-smackingly gorgeous hello to the first and most exciting virtual fundraising platform for women-oriented and gender-nonconforming groups. It’s time to actually meet your fundraising goals and have your donors enjoy themselves while doing so.

Keep 40% of what you sell. No distribution worries. Everyone enjoys stunning lip products they’ll love.


Why Teams Like Yours Love LipRevolt


You Keep 40% of All Sales

Yes, that’s right – 40% ($9.60 per sale). We know you need to meet your goals. So, no minimums, no fees, and no limits on how much you can raise. The sky’s not even a limit.


Hassle-Free Virtual Fundraising

It’s a simple process for everyone to get started. Each member of your group gets their own fundraising page and it’s just click, share with family and friends, and start raising.


Products They’ll Actually Want

No more pounding the pavement trying to sell products people don’t want. Instead, let them enjoy our creamy, lightweight, highly pigmented, long-lasting lipstick for all shades.

Have fun while raising the money you need

We do all the work. You just promote your fundraiser. Everyone enjoys their awesome LipRevolt lipsticks.

LipRevolt helps both non-profit and for-profit organizations raise money for their unique causes. As the first beauty-driven peer-to-peer fundraising platform, our goal is to make it easy for you to raise the funds you need. That’s why we handle all aspects of order fulfillment, customer service, and the tech for your virtual fundraiser. You simply collect your funds when it’s done.




Sign-up and schedule your fundraiser

Simply sign your group up and tell us about your fundraiser. It’s a quick process and no app download needed. We’re a perfect fit for women-oriented non-profit and for-profit organizations, sports groups, school organizations, sororities, and other groups that need to raise money for their activities.


Create individual fundraiser pages

You’ll be sent a sign-up link to share with each member of your group. Using the link, each member can easily join your group and create their individual fundraising page which has a unique url. Here, they can include a picture (so their friends and family will know who they’re supporting), monetary goal, and personal objective.


Share the link

Once each fundraising page is active, then it’s go time. You and your group members can start sharing your unique page links with family, friends, and loved ones and see how quickly you can get to your target. You and your team can send the links by text messaging, social media, or email.

We only do 5 fundraisers a month. So, sign up now to secure your date! Then share your group with your members and get ready to raise some serious cash.

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The fun and profitable fundraiser with gorgeous lip colors

Let us help you raise the money you need with the easiest virtual fundraiser you, your team, and your supporters will love.